Frequently asked questions

About company

  • What is Legion Trade?
    Legion Trade company provides investment services to private and corporate clients. Our work is based on the principle of trust management; our clients transfer us funds voluntarily that we use in the Forex market and crypto trading. The income is distributed between the clients in accordance with the chosen investment plan. Learn more about our company on the webpage “About us”.
  • What are the advantages of working with Legion Trade?
    The main advantages of Legion Trade project are its profitability, reliability and convenience for clients. Due to the experience of our traders and the developed trading strategies, we can guarantee significant increase in your capital within the very first month. Taking the necessary safety measures and creating a reserve fund are the guarantees of project reliability. The principle of trust management is very popular and convenient for the majority of investors, and it allows to significantly save your time and efforts.
  • When was Legion Trade project started?
    Company was founded in 2013 in Germany. In February 2019 another one limited company was registered in the UK. Since April 2019, the company began accepting online deposits via the website
  • Who manages the assets of Legion Trade?
    These funds are managed by a team of experts on investment issues that gives you an opportunity to receive stable profits from trading on currency, oil, crypto and metal markets.
  • What are the risks and the guarantees for your clients?
    Each investment activity has a certain degree of risk. The more significant the potential profit, the higher the risks that you come across. Our company is trying to find an optimal solution to provide the most suitable balance between the profit and the risks. We guarantee our clients the preservation of their funds and full repayments in accordance with the chosen investment plan. In order to receive additional information on this issue, visit the webpage “About us”.
  • Can I lose my money?
    In any high yield investment program there is a certain degree of risk. However, there are several simple ways that will help you reduce your loss risk level more than you can afford. To start, you need to realize that you need to invest only those amounts that you are ready to risk to receive a large profit over a short period of time. It is important for you to realize that we are true traders and that we are working with investing large sums for our clients into real trade markets.
  • How can I become an investor in your project?
    To join in our project you can simply register on our website. Before the registration, we recommend you to read “Terms of service”, and you will automatically accept all provisions of this document after your finish the registration.
  • Account questions

  • How can I invest with Legion Trade?
    Investing with our investment program is easy and takes only a minute of your time. Simply click on a sign up button and fill a small registration form. As soon as you are done you will be able to login and create your first deposit.
  • I do not want to give my personal information? Do I have to?
    It is mandatory for each of our clients. We do not work with anonymous persons. We assure you that your personal information is used only within the project to ensure the safety of your own money.
  • How many accounts can I open in Legion Trade?
    The policy of the company is against creating a lot of accounts with one investor. That is why we are persistently asking to create and use one account. Our technical control service checks all registrations and if several accounts are found that contain the same user data, all these accounts will be blocked. The funds in these accounts will also be blocked.

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